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Real estate photography: Skyline Ranch Home

Here is an example of my real estate photography from a Skyline Ranch home in Elkhorn!

Challenges I faced:

The front of the house was pretty challenging–there’s a side angle where I showed most of the yard in the front and the trees. They had a lot of adult trees in the front of the home, so it was rather tricky to get the right angle. The kitchen was a challenge. I had to raise up the camera to see the stove and sink because the island was so large and tall. The extra room (office/workout area) off the master bedroom was difficult to shoot around as well–just an awkward shaped room! The bar in the basement was awesome–I wanted to show as much of the bar as I could from the outside; the homeowners had child locks on the cabinets and I didn’t want to show that in the final images.

Some of the easier parts:

Bedrooms were actually pretty easy! They were staged well so the flow of the bedrooms worked well.

My favorite part:

By far, the wine cellar was my favorite room in this house! It was a challenging room to photograph, though. Rooms like this with a lot of wood are difficult–the warm tone from the lights enhances the wood color, which can make the room appear orange. I had to dial in a custom setting for the white balance so the photo would process at a neutral white balance and show true to sight.

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