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Here is an example of not only my real estate photography with both day and night shoots, but also my real estate videography for 6701 Clear Creek Circle!

First, a bit on the listing:

  • Requirements: 36 daytime photos, 25 nighttime photos, and a 10:46 video
  • Home specs: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4,453 square foot
  • Listed by: Charlie Sutton with CBS Home

Challenges I faced

One of my most frequent real estate photography challenges is lighting. Different types of lighting require different camera settings, which sometimes require me to adjust light settings multiple times within the same shoot. This house was no exception. During the day, the fluorescent lights made it especially difficult to get the right lighting. Due to this, I had to perform custom light readings throughout the entire house.

My favorite parts

There were so many things to love about this house! My favorite part was how the second-floor balcony in the front of the house is connected to the two front bedrooms. (I’m fairly certain my brother and I would have tortured each other if this were the house we grew up in!) I also really like how the house is a total entertainment house, which is enhanced by the open floor plan. And I especially loved the chef’s kitchen. The open floor plan and island allow for multiple people to cook and prepare food comfortably together. It’s a kitchen you want to cook in!

More variety, more potential buyers

Omaha Real Estate Agent Charlie Sutton wanted a variety of options to attract potential buyers for this house. We did extensive day and night shoots for the property, and also did an in-depth video walkthrough of the house. Having both photographs and video allows the agent to make the listing appear to a wider audience of potential buyers. You can see all of the listing photos on Charlie Sutton’s website here.

The real estate video advantage

You can see for yourself how the real estate video and photos give potential buyers a thorough view of the interior and exterior of the house:

Is your listing missing something?

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