Omaha Video Services

On average, most viewers don’t watch more than 90 seconds of a video before moving on.

So why should you have an average video that viewers lose interest in? Our purposeful videos consist of quality content and are guided by specific goals for your business.

Why video?

Video serves as a virtual handshake between your business and potential customers and clients. Video is a quality means of shaking hands with future clients before they have even met you. Furthermore, goal-driven videos serve as excellent SEO-drivers to your website, moving you up in search rankings and providing thoughtful content your customers are interested in.

Isn’t video expensive?

It doesn’t have to be…but it can be depending on the special effects, amount of equipment, editing…the list goes on. We can help your business create simple, inexpensive videos as well as professional production videos that serve well in commercials and the like.

What do you charge for your Omaha video services?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. Contact us for a consultation so we can learn more about your video needs and budget so we can provide an accurate estimate!

What other videos have you created?

Check out our YouTube channel for more examples of our video work!

You can also view the following videos on our clients’ YouTube channels: