dslr video vs. matterport

Matterport: Weighing the Pros and Cons

In order to sell a listing for its maximum value, you know you need to stand out from the crowd. Looking for something more dynamic than photographs? As you research your options, you may come across a new format: Matterport. Matterport is a 3-D walk-through system that is quickly growing in popularity, especially among real estate agents. To make an informed choice about what will best showcase your home, you need to know the facts about Matterport.

The Pros

Matterport has some unique features that allow potential buyers to gain a broader view of a house from a virtual visit. The 3-D capture provides a walk-through effect, bringing the “wow” factor to a potential buyer. This 3-D view gives the buyer the ability to see a 360-degree viewing of a home’s interior. When a buyer is browsing through a real estate listing, they may be more inclined to stay on the listing longer if it has an interactive aspect.  

The Cons

While Matterport has potential, there are some drawbacks to its use. First, putting an unlimited 360-degree view of an entire house online could create security risks. What’s to stop potential burglars from finding these real estate websites and “casing” homes or businesses? Since the Matterport format allows for a more extensive view of the home, potential thieves can research what is available for theft and plan an entrance and exit strategy.

Beyond the security concerns, Matterport is also limited in what it can do. The lens used to capture the room for the 3-D effect is not meant for standard photography. This means that any screenshot images or stills are of a very low resolution and often appear warped. Matterport also only gives a visual representation of the home. Realtors can’t personalize the walk-through with someone speaking on camera or have voiceovers providing commentary. And on a technical note, Matterport videos must be hosted on Matterport’s servers. While realtors can embed it on their website, they cannot use the additional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities that they could with traditional videos they can host on YouTube. This reduced SEO makes the home harder for potential buyers to find online and could reduce the size of your home-buying audience.

Finally, the Matterport camera is a costly machine. If you want to do this yourself, expect to pay about $4,500 for the camera. There’s an additional minimum fee of $49 per month to host the home on Matterport’s servers.

Other Video Options

If you want to give your potential buyers something more attention-grabbing than just photographs, you need to consider DSLR video! You have many options with video, including the ability to customize it to fit your individual needs. You can do a walk-through of a home with voiceover to guide potential buyers through the home, directing attention to specific features that may be of interest. Like traditional video, DSLR video also allows you to choose what NOT to show, which lets you maintain your client’s security while also piquing buyers’ curiosity—and prompting them to schedule a showing!

The traditional video is also versatile in its use after the initial shooting is completed. Screenshots and stills can be extracted from higher quality video, allowing you to gain additional imagery of your home to use in other avenues. The video can be hosted on YouTube and your website indefinitely, and you have all of the additional SEO capabilities open to you. This means better SEO for you, and more visibility for your listing.

To see what a real estate walk-through video can do for you, check out this example! This video is a collaboration between Tim Perry Photography, Content a la mode, cp3o, and Sandi Downing Real Estate.

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