Head-to-Head: DSLR Video vs. Matterport

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Matterport: Weighing the Pros and Cons In order to sell a listing for its maximum value, you know you need to stand out from the crowd. Looking for something more dynamic than photographs? As you research your options, you may come across a new format: Matterport. Matterport

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Real Estate Photography: Skyline Ranch Home

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Real estate photography: Skyline Ranch Home Here is an example of my real estate photography from a Skyline Ranch home in Elkhorn! Requirements: 36 photos Home specs: 4 bedrooms, 3700 square foot Listed by: Randy Titus with ReMAX Results Challenges I faced: The front of the house

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What to look for in a real estate photographer

what to look for in a real estate photographer, omaha

Your wedding day. Your daughter’s graduation. Your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. You wouldn’t hire just anyone to photograph these special occasions, would you? Unfortunately, we’re in a society where getting things on the cheap is the norm. But do your real estate clients want to sell their homes

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Our Omaha real estate photography pricing is now available online!

Our real estate photography and video pricing is now available online! We don’t have area stipulations–within reason, of course! We aren’t driving to Kansas City to do shoots right now! 😉 We also don’t have square footage limits on our photography. You will, however, see our video

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